Catherine Nakai for Council

Catherine Nakai believes in the importance of preserving Woodland Park’s heritage while balancing future needs of citizens, businesses and the whole of the community. Catherine is a 19-year resident of Woodland Park and grew up in Colorado Springs in a military family.

She attended both the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and San Jose City College. Catherine started out working in the high-tech customer service and accounting industry, before moving into her current career of 20+ years, as an Integrated Circuit Layout Designer.

Since September 2019, she has served on Woodland Park’s Board of Adjustment. She also volunteered her time to learn more about local government by being a part of the Woodland Park Citizen’s Academy this year. Catherine is fiscally conservative, believing in paying down the community’s debt as soon as possible, but not at the expense of city or education services. Protecting the environment is also important to her. The backbone of her belief is that reasonable persons can work together to find the best solution. Respect, above all, is a must.