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Keep Woodland Park Woodland Park



Teller County and our cities are facing both unprecedented challenge and opportunity. As we continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, move towards economic recovery, and face our future head on, we will need our very best to step forward to serve in local government. We will need respected members of our community with unique skills and talents, who are invested in its people, institutions, and future, to volunteer. The time of bluster and rhetoric is over. We need men and women of action who understand the proper role and function of government.

Our elected public servants are chosen because they reflect our values, beliefs, and principles. We vote for them so that they will fairly represent us in all matters. We expect them to lead, make tough decisions, and to get things accomplished. We understand there are matters in which compromise is appropriate and others where compromise would be inappropriate. In all cases we expect in them decorum, respect for fellow public servants, and most important, respect for those they serve. We empower them to do what is best for the public good and our community. Public service is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others and is an honor.

Catherine Nakai, appointed to her current council seat in the City of Woodland Park, has proven herself to be all these things and more. She is a thoughtful listener who burns the midnight oil in advance of a hearing so that she can make the very best decision possible. She also works diligently with her fellow council members and city staff to build consensus and makes sound decisions for the benefit of Woodland Park residents. She carries herself with dignity, treats others with respect, and shows real grace, and honor in her interaction with Woodland Park residents. Catherine understands the responsibility and weight of public service that has been bestowed upon her and has no personal ambition beyond simply doing the right thing for our residents.

Catherine Nakai has proven her mettle in her time on council. We have already seen her leadership in action, and she has demonstrated outstanding citizenship in her service to Woodland Park. If elected, Catherine has the right combination of grit, grace, and ability to take the city to even higher levels. I am asking for your support and vote for her.

I wholeheartedly endorse Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council. Working for and together with our residents, in consort and full cooperation with her fellow council members, Catherine will make us all proud to say we know her and will help move Woodland Park into a bright future.

Dan Williams

As a longtime resident of Woodland Park, there are some things that we should expect from our Woodland Park City council that unfortunately haven’t consistently been delivered over the years. The first is for the city council to be a functioning body, able to debate, deliberate and carry on the business of the city with professionalism and decorum. The second is that the council conduct itself with conservative principles, both financially and organizationally. I believe that Catherine Nakai exhibits the temperament, and conservative principles to accomplish those two expectations. It’s also important that members of council have a keen awareness of the history of Woodland Park, and how we got from there to here. Catherine is a 20-year resident of the city and has that institutional knowledge of our city that’s valuable to help ensure a small government that delivers city services efficiently. Her temperament on council is one of quiet confidence and rapt attention to the opinions of her constituents. She adds a calm voice in what has been at times an unnecessarily caustic environment. We need more conservative leaders like Catherine on City Council.

Erik Stone

To All City of Woodland Park Citizens,

It is a privilege to write this letter on behalf of Catherine Nakai. Since I gotten to know her over the last few years, I have been impressed with her professionalism and her commitment to service in the Community of Woodland Park.

We elect our leaders because they have asked to act on your behalf, as citizens and as public servants. Catherine has carried this flag and understands this dynamic on her time as one of your City Council members. She also understands that it is about all the citizens she serves and not about her ego or personal political gains.

Catherine always educates herself on understanding the issues at hand and diligently works to gain consensus on the subjects as needed. In the days we live in, of public dissention, it’s never about making grand standing opinions for Catherine, but having respect for other opinions and listening to other points of view. It is always about presenting herself as a professional, operating with transparency and having dignity, while doing so.

Public Service is a calling and a privilege for those of us who have chosen to serve and Catherine epitomizes this trait.

I rarely voice my opinion on items of interest in the City of Woodland Park, but in this case I feel the need to make an exception. I wholeheartedly endorse Catherine Nakai for City Council and would ask you to support her and vote for her in the upcoming election.

Bob Campbell
Teller County Commissioner

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in support of Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council. As a 20-year resident of Woodland Park, Catherine brings a breadth of knowledge about the history of how Woodland Park has evolved over that time span. She will continue to use this knowledge to work toward making the right decisions for the future of our city along with ensuring Woodland Park’s rich history is preserved.

Catherine understands the role of municipal government and strives to maintain the level of city services we have all come to expect and enjoy as well as protect what makes this city a great place to live, work, and play. She will continue to work toward reducing city debt while encouraging smart growth and adhering to municipal land use codes. She also is committed to maintaining respect and common sense on council.

Clear thinking, initiative, and the willingness to work with others, even when civil discourse is present, are just a few attributes she brings to the council. Respect is her number one priority.

Catherine has helped bring new leadership and respect to the Woodland Park Police Department, which has been in a state of dysfunction over the past few years. Along those same lines she has helped bridge the gap of respect between Woodland Park and Teller County. We are stronger together than apart, and Catherine understands this.

The April 5 City Council election brings with it a significant juncture for our little community. The current council has done a good job of repairing the dysfunction we all saw in 2020 and the early part of 2021. This is in part thanks to the appointment of Catherine Nakai last year. She is a calm, reasoned voice on council.

It is without reservation that I encourage you to vote to re-elect Councilwoman Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council.

Best regards,

Jason Mikesell
Teller County Sheriff

It is my pleasure to add my name to the growing list of folks endorsing Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council.

Catherine is exactly what you see every day. Reflecting her long residency in Woodland Park and her professional history as an engineer, she possesses quiet strength, class, dignity and unique deliberative skills.

Catherine entered Woodland Park’s City Council at a time of disruption and drama. The Council grappled with a death, a resignation, another resignation, an un-resignation, budgetary challenges, unprecedented growth, and, oh, by the way, a pandemic.

At a very personal level, she faced hyperbolic insults and contemptuous, judgmental language from an exceedingly small, yet vocal, minority that uses “gotcha” politics to replace a vision for Woodland Park’s future.

Yet through these disruptions and personal attacks, she was part of the group that held it together and kept the Council moving forward, when some around her suggested that she just give up, and a few of her peers did.

Such strength and dedication, while in performance of unpaid duties, are proof that she possesses the spirit of service that Woodland Park’s residents deserve.

Councilwoman Catherine Nakai is humble enough to admit her mistakes, to own them, and to move forward from them. She follows the City’s Charter. She works with people who may disagree with her. She listens to the folks she represents, even when they didn’t vote for her. Catherine is a Free-Market Conservative who also wants Woodland Park’s government to function and to provide essential services to its residents. She embraces the city’s future while preserving the traits that make it special.
You won’t see her playing games on social media. You won’t see her push a not-so-hidden agenda on behalf of organizations with questionable and transformative views. You won’t see her grandstanding on issues that are in our past.

Councilwoman Catherine Nakai is the representative that Woodland Park deserves. Strong. Dignified. Quiet. Humble. Deliberative. She earned my endorsement, and I strongly encourage you to vote for Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council.

Mark G. Czelusta
Teller County Treasurer & Public Trustee

I am endorsing Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council. Catherine has been a resident of Woodland Park for over 20 years, she grew up in Colorado Springs, and has lived in Colorado 43 years. Catherine is committed to preserving the spirit of Woodland Park and making positive improvements. She is a team player and works well with others running for City Council.

Catherine has enjoyed her time on City Council and wants to continue to serve the community she loves by continuing to reduce the city debt and providing the city services citizens have come to rely on. With over 26 years in an engineering environment, Catherine is detail oriented and looks for efficient solutions to every problem with no agenda.

Catherine is a Coloradoan, she has a love of family, is an avid Broncos Fan, animal lover, and loves the Colorado outdoors. Prior to her appointment to City Council, she volunteered on the Woodland Park Board of Adjustment, was Chairperson the Woodland Park Comprehensive Plan on Transportation and Drainage committee. After her appointment to City Council, she has served on the Charter Review Committee and is the Woodland Park Mainstreet Council Liaison. Catherine continues to volunteer her time whenever possible to help move Woodland Park forward without losing the history of Woodland Park.

I believe that Councilwoman Catherine Nakai has the best interests of the city in mind and comes with no agenda or alliance to anyone other than the citizens with an independent, reasoned, and thoughtful voice. Please help me support and vote for Councilwoman Catherine Nakai for Woodland Park City Council.

Carol M. Kittelson

To Whom It May Concern: On behalf of the Salute to American Veterans Rally Committee, this letter comes as a strong endorsement for Ms. Catherine Nakai in her upcoming bid for election to City Council in Woodland Park, Colorado. From our perspective, Ms. Nakai holds some unique and valuable family history and experience which bears mention:

Her grandfather was held by the Germans as a POW (prisoner of war) for several years during World War II. This fact is near and dear to those of us on the Rally Committee as the POW’s and MIA’s have been the foundation of our efforts for the past 35 years.

Catherine’s father was a 23-year career Air Force man, and she grew up in an extremely patriotic and mindful military family unit. In a non-typical scenario for the Military, Catherine spent all of her child­hood on Colorado’s front range as her father was a unique and needed asset with North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). As the daughter of a 1st generation immigrant, Catherine’s perspective is also extremely fair and balanced due to her Mother’s influence.

Ms. Nakai has resided in Colorado all of her life ( other than a few years out of state for work) and we know her to harbor a deep love and a great amount of respect for our State, Teller County and her Woodland Park community.

As related to our Veterans event, Ms. Nakai has been 110% supportive of our efforts to honor the true heroes of this nation. We know her to be a proud and honorable American and a true patriot. Our latest project is the installation of an all Veterans / all branches / all conflicts Memorial in Woodland Park. To this end, Ms. Nakai has offered her gratitude and staunch support for our efforts.

While the Veterans Rally committee does not speak for all Veterans in Teller County, we do have a vast majority in support of the Rally and our efforts to proudly honor our nation’s Military heroes, our Country and our flag. Ms. Nakai has been steadfast in h􀀒r support of our efforts.

We, the members of the Salute to American Veterans Rally committee strongly endorse Catherine Nakai in campaign for election to City Council in 2022.

James F. Wear
Salute to American Veterans Rally

Catherine Nakai has proven herself to be an incredibly valuable member of our Woodland Park City Council. She prepares for the meetings, she listens to our citizens, she hears all the reports at meetings before making a decision, and then only after careful consideration does she vote. Her votes are her own. She does not answer to any specific constituent group; all citizens are her constituent group. When she disagrees with other council members she does so in a respectful manner and truly considers their input. She understands the role of municipal government. She understands that her primary responsibility is the safety of our citizens and the fiscal security of our beloved city.

We don’t need to revisit those very recent days of council bickering and ineffectiveness. Catherine has helped us leave that in the past. I encourage you to support and vote for Catherine Nakai to make sure that the past stays in the past and that we move forward in a way that we can all be proud to call Woodland Park home.

David Buttery, Woodland Park

Elect Catherine NAKAI, the ongoing right choice for Woodland Park City Council.

Catherine Nakai has more than proven her value to Woodland Park while serving on City Council for the past seven months, and for twenty years prior she has been actively involved in our community. Her reasoned and informed thinking is a refreshing contrast to those whose purpose on council seems to be mainly carrying the water for special interests.

Her actions and influence during her council service so far have included adoption of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, adoption of a balanced 2022 budget with provisions for generous debt reduction, and contributing to improving the stability of our police department. Catharine’s future emphasis is to continue debt reduction measures, along with updating our land use codes while continuing to seek solutions to our worsening traffic congestion.

Serving as Council Liaison on the Charter Review Committee has provided her with detailed insight into our home-rule governing document, while her role as Council Liaison for our Main Street program has kept her informed about the ongoing workings of our downtown small business community.

Please join me and so many of our neighbors in electing Catherine Nakai as an energized advocate for the future benefit of our whole community.

Steve Randolph,
Mayor Emeritus
Woodland Park

Catherine Nakai is a long-term resident of Woodland Park. She and her husband have given back to the community in many ways over the years. They have been tireless in advocating for fire mitigation and education, and have been engaged in many community support initiatives.

Since being appointed to the Woodland Park City Council, Catherine has proven to be a levelheaded member of council. She is consistent in listening to all sides of an issue and only then makes the best decision possible for our city. She exhibits respect for citizens, our city staff and fellow council members, and she has added to improved civility on the council.

She is an independent thinker, and she understands our City of Woodland Park Home Rule Charter and her duty to govern in a non-partisan manner for the betterment of Woodland Park. Catherine Nakai has earned the privilege of serving on our council for another four years.

Tony and Kathryn Perry

In 2020, I wrote a letter to the Courier supporting Catherine Nakai’s candidacy for City Council. I cited a number of qualifications that she had based on my experience with her when she was on the Board of Adjustment. Now, having seen her work as a member of the City Council, I am even more impressed with her and her ability to represent us on the City Council. I am impressed by Catherine’s attention to detail and her ability to look at things objectively and logically. I value her insight and opinions on the issues. Aside from her clear thinking, her initiative, and her ability to work with others, what impresses me about Catherine is that she truly wants to help Woodland Park. Please support Catherine Nakai for City Council.

Lou Ramon